My personal philosophy…….

I believe Interior Design is more than a superficial shell of beautifully put
together spaces. It is an external expression reflecting our inner world, our craving for Harmony. The Interior Design process is a mental journey; working through unconscious layers of life/stuff – (especially for women). The Eastern world depends on their philosophies (such as the Ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui), that the home is an outward expression of our inner self, the way we arrange and design our home is to assist us in obtaining balance and order in
our lives. Decorating is not only for appearance, it becomes a spiritual journey
as well as achieving aesthetically pleasing results.

“Your home environment influences every aspect of your life; your job, your relationships, your personal health, every aspect of your daily experience; it increases happiness, prosperity and can dissolve chronic patterns of failure, difficulty, and stress by rearranging your living and working environments”, (writing interpreted from Feng Shui for Dummies).
In my more than 30 years of professional working relationships, I see the personal transformations my clients make through this journey of self realization in the process of Interior Design. I observe that; the more successful people become in life – the more put together or well designed their spaces become. I am here to support and guide you in this process and assist you in making decisions to achieve your personal Interior Design goals.

“Interior Design” is also an Internal journey resulting in growth and balance in one’s life.

Maria M. Gross allied A.S.I.D., C.I.D. (State certified Interior Designer).